Abit of me !!!

Hey. There 🙂

I guess I haven’t really told you too much about myself and my back story.

So Here it goes. (btw.I’m not the best at my grammar so stick with me) 

I’m from a small village in Northern Ireland in the middle of no where. Whenever anyone hears it, they never have a clue and look at me in confusion. It’s in the countryside but close it a medium-sized town.

I work in a local café. Its lovely and quite. I’ve been working quite a lot recently. It’s very tiring but a jobs a job I guess.

I have 3 sisters. 1dog. 2cats. I’m kind of a animal person to be honest.

I guess I’m an awkward shy person who keeps to myself and out of everyone’s way. I like to hide in my room and read and write. It’s a way to get away from reality.

I feel like I’m Rambling on but I just want to let you get to know me for who i’am.

So I bid you farewell and leave comments so I get to hear from whoever reads this. It makes this worthwhile to know that someone reads. 🙂

Thanks. Kirsty…  Btw I love all time low and 5sos > forgot to mention that 😀


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