Tip the can !!!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Toy Story.”

So i saw this daily post idea from “The Daily Post” and thought I’d let you know what my favourite toy story is.

I live in a neighbourhood so I always had kids in my park that i grew up with had played with. I really loved it because it meant that I had little friends to grow up with. I also had my sisters so had a wee kiddies gang which was fun.

We had this game that we used to love and always play called “Tip The Can” or also know as “40 40” Every Neighbourhood had their own name for it.

How you played it was. it was like hid and seek run. But you had a got to point(a lamp post) When the finder was done counting by the post, and went round the neighbourhood. The hiders had a chance to run to the lamp post and shout “123, I’am free” This meant that they freed themselves. But is you got caught it was race to see if you could free yourself or if the finder would get there first and shout”123, i see you (Name).

But there was a chance for the last person to free everyone who got caught and say “123 i free the family”. This meant that the finder would have to count again. If you were caught first then you would be the next finder.

The game was basically a more complicated hid and seek.

I loved this game so much and played it way to much with my neighbourhood friends. It was even funnier at night.

Comment down belong your favourite childhood games 🙂

          Thanks. Kirsty x


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