What I’m Reading !!!

So since am obsessed with books and You would constantly find  me  in a corner reading.

Well not a corner because that might look a bit creepy but just reading basically.

At the moment  I’m reading three books. I find it hard to stick to one book because there’s too many good ones to read s I read quite a lot of books at the same time.

The first one is “Paper towns” By John green. I’ve been reading this book for a while now. Not because it’s long or it’s boring but do ever that that one book that you love so much. You don’t want it to end. Well that’s when I have this book.

I tend to read a lot of john green as he writes about teen life and things I can relate to which I think is important.

My second book is “Fan girl” by Rainbow Rowell. I have just staring reading this book but would recommend it to anybody. Its the first book that I’m reading that is by this certain Author but is amazing. So go find it and read it and love it like I do.

And last but not least is a book that I’ve read before but love so much that I’m reading it again called” Plague” From the gone series written by Michael Grant.

This is a series of 6 books of a group of kids that get stuck in a mutant developing world without adults. I’ve read all the books and re-reading them. I’m on the 4th book. Would highly recommend.

So yeah. Those are my many books that I cant put down at the moment. Would recommend all of them highly. Comment down below the books that you are reading. As the book worm I am.

Thanks. Kirsty…


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