Update; 6/7/15

Hey to all..

So I Haven’t posted anything in a while. sorry.

I’ve been busy with work. Its very time consuming and tiring. I hope your still out there somewhere.

I know o haven’t had any views in a week or so but Hi….

So its July now> You know what that means

The weather gets hotter, you get happier and everything is just better I guess. My favourite thing to do in summer is camping. In the middle of no where with a big campfire with toasted marshmallows and Lakes…

Yes I’m the type that spends the summer outdoors exploring forests and swimming in lakes. Although there are those days when I stay in bed all day on the ever so big world internet web.

Do you ever just get so consumed by what is happening on twitter or celeb news and youtube. I do basically every day.

Anyways , as an update my favourite  songs this week which is Monday so I guess last week following into a new week.. Oops > Poison by Rita Ora > Not letting go By Tini Tempah And Shut up and dance by the walking moons…

Comment down below letting know how you are and what you do during the summer….

Thanks .. Kirsty X


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