Concerts 2016 

So I thought I’d let you know what bands or artists I’m gong to see this year. 

I don’t want to seem like I’m Bragging. My whole life is based on music and basically gets me through the day. 

I’m really into bands. (I know, typical) but it’s true. I love their energy on stage. 

Okay so I live in a area where no one ever comes which is so Annoying. I always check their tour dates but they never come to Northern Ireland. But some do so below are the bands I’m going to see.

  • All Time Low – February -support bands are Good Charlotte and Against The Current. 
  • 5sos – April 

I’m Also hoping to go to a local festival I went to last year and was amazing where I saw ATL, twenty one pilots. But tickets aren’t out yet. 

I’m really look forward to seeing all time low in February because it’s in Dublin and I’ve never been. It’s gonna be a day out. I’m even staying the night. It’s also my first time seeing Good Charlotte which I’m super excited for. 

Anyways, the only thing that gets me though the year are concerts and festivals. 

Kirsty xo  




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