It’s me, Im here to stay!

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist- Oscar Wilde

Hey, to those who see my post…

I’ve been off this blog for almost a year and have been meaning to get back on the boat for about a month now. I decided to take the plunge and just write.

It’s is a passion of mine, writing seems to give me this warmth and belonging somehow. That’s why i love books. You hold this book in your hands that someone has put  their time and energy into a book for a stranger to read and enjoy. There’s something so unique about this.

Things that have changed.

Coffee > I am now a complete coffee lover. I’m currently on 3 cups a day going on 4. Lattees are my favourite. I have a cafetiere that brews the best coffee on earth.

College > I’m not in high school anymore (thank god)  I’m studying child-care at my local college which i love.

That’s all i have for now but i promise that i will write again very soon. If anyone sees this and enjoys my first post back , please leave a comment. If your a bookworm like me, lets talk about books.. (Michael Grant fan here).

Thanks for reading …. To be continued,.. x


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