Wednesday 16th February 2017

This will be a day on the life blog post, where I’ll bring you along to where I’m going.. 

10:45am – when I finally  dicide to get up and dressed for the day, (it’s half term,no judge) 

Outfit of the day ; green hoodie , grey top and my fav high waisted jeans, plus my green coat and black hat and black high tops converse. 

11:10- I get to leave the house (yeah) I go to my granny’s with my sisters and her new adorable puppy,  literally the size of hand.

4:00- where I waste most of my time (work) 

7:00/ I finally make it home where I get into my pjs and make myself dinner (fish fingers) 

7:45/ I watched 3 episodes of the good wife because I am completely obsessed by it.

9:30/ by the time I Finnish Netflix, I brush my teeth because teeth  hygiene is important. Wash my face. 

10:30: I go to bed but don’t get off my phone till 12:00 (oops) 

There you have it, one day of mine that to be fair was an average day but it happened and here it is , 

Talk soon , X 


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