Hello there , 

I’m so sorry, it’s been so long, I hate that I’m so unorganised. It’s hard to keep up with posts when I try to balance college, work and sleep. Let alone all my books I have to read. Like seriously, I have 10 unread books. I’m a book collecter for sure. 

I can’t believe it’s March already. It feel like January was last week.(if you get me). March is definitely one of favourite months of the year. The days are lighter, the weather is slowly getting warmer(I live in Ireland) so maybe not. 

February favourites 
Things that I enjoyed in February. Mostly book and food related. I not going to be one of those girls who have beauty favourites, not that there’s anything wrong with that. 

  • Coffee . To be precise mocha. There’s a coffee shop in my town that make the best mochas alive. 
  • Get your sh*t together by Sarah Knight.  I love this sorta self help book as I’ve been in abit of a runt. Which is why I haven’t been posting. But this book gives it to you straight on how to sort out your life and get organised. I love it . 
  • My fluffy pjs : this February has been quite cold and wet and when you’ve been at college and work all day. It’s nice to come home to my fluffy pjs which I have a lot of btw. 

Well, that’s not a lot of favourites but I usually have a routine that I keep to as I’m not a big fan of change but it was nice to kinda wrap up February and begin fresh in March. 
Which btw . I get to see my favourite band in the world in March, All Time Low. I’m so excited. Let me know if  any of you are fans and we can  fan girl over them. 

Down below are some photos I toke this month including some of my favourites. 

Thanks for reading, back soon./ hopefully…💫 


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