Books I’m in to πŸ“š

So I know I haven’t posted in a while but let’s face it. Everyone is too busy with life to blog everyday unless it’s your job. 

I’m in full time college with a part time job while also repeating my science in a night class so it can be hectic, I have so many assignments to get done before June. 

But I didn’t start this blog post to complain about my to do list. I’m gonna distress by talking about my favourite books at the moment. There’s nothing I love more than talking about books. 

  1.  Milk and honey by Rupi Kaur,  

This book is quite well known. It is a Poem book about love and the breaking of love and also the healing of a broken love or Heart. Now I have never been in love or even felt love from anyone else so it’s abit of a blur to me on what love is. 

But this book describes it so beautifully and easy to follow. It realistic and heart warming. 

Here is my favourite poem from the collection. 

My tongue is sour

From the hunger of missing you… 

The second book I want to talk about is “reasons to stay alive” by Matt Haig. 

It Is book is a inspiring story on how the writer Matt got depression and struggled a lot that nearly destroyed him yet he beat it and had now written tips on how to beat your fears and live life to the fullest. 

He talks about how to do the little things when you are depressed such as getting out of bed or going to the shop. He says that when he is feeling anxious and what’d to avoid things, he forces himself to do them. To power through and not let the little worried control you. 

This book has helped me understand my anxiety and has taught me that it doesn’t control my life. I do. I have the power to say no to being afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone and taking those first steps help. 

Here is something he has said that has stuck to me. 

But as time grew on, I knew something hadn’t known earlier. I knew that down wasn’t the only direction. If you hung in there, if you stuck it out, then things got better. They get better and then they get worst and then they better. 

So there are two books that relax me from my busy lifestyle and give me something to think about rather than exams and work. 

Thanks for reading if u made it this far 

Kirsty x 


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