|Little life update|

Hello hello, 

I thought I’d write a quick post to update you on my ever growing to do list, my revision attempt and my bad habit of the week. 

To do list: when does anyone not have a do to list. There’s always something at the back of your mimd that something has to get done. Whether it’s to study for school or simply do some laundry. 

My to do list usually goes like this/

  • Assignment to finish 
  • Wash pile of clothes on bedroom floor. 
  • Tidy messy room 
  • Or simple/ have shower 

There’s never a time when I’m supposed to do something yet end up watching a tv show( Game of thrones). 

Revision attempt (1) 

So I’m currently trying to revise for a maths exam next week. Which happens to be a repeat so fingers cross I pass this time. 

Also two science exams in June. But it’s hard to concentrate when I have work everyday and assignments to hand in. But it has to be done. I bought post it notes and hope that will influence me to begin. 

Bad habit of the week/ 

Do you ever find yourself so tired after a long day that you simply can’t be bothered to tidy anything. That is me every week, I end up with a massive pile of clothes on my ground, cups on desk that badly need washed and a desk bin full to its bream. 

I expect this habit won’t stop yet even after my confession. I’m a lazy person and I confess that I leave my laundry till Sunday and end up wearing pjs all day that day. But we all have flaws and should accept that nobody’s perfect. 

Thanks for reading my rant on my everyday life. Feel free to leave a comment on your worst habits. 

Kirsty X  


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