I’m a vegetarian!!! 

Hello, So I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted but my life is so hectic and well exhausting at times. 
I’m not good at managing my time so I get caught up in things that may not be the most important at times and waste time on things that may not be the most important. 
Anyways, I’m going to talk about why I became a vegetarian last week. 

So I watched this movie on Netflix that is actually becoming quite popular. It’s called okja, it’s basically about this American who creates these super pigs that are bigger and would produce more meat. Although she makes it look like the pigs are cute and treated well, it’s not true and the pigs are breeder badly and kept in a overpopulated farm. 

It is not a true story but it still effected me a lot by how real it seemed and showed me how some farm animals can be treated In real life so I decided to stop eating meat. Although I’ve gaven up meat, I am not going vegan as it doesn’t suit my diet as I get sick easily and have a weak immune system. 

Although I used to be a vegetarian back in high school for two years but had to give it up as I became anemic and couldn’t cope without meat. I hope for that to not happen again as I am older and hope to Be able to cope with it better. 

Anyways, just posting a quick update to let you know what’s happening, 

Kirsty X 


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