My overwhelming problem:/

Okay so I know no one views my blog but I’m gonna write anyway because it helps me think things over and not bottle it up so here it goes… 

I have a enormous crush on this guy who doesn’t know I’m here on planet earth. 

He goes to my college and I even though it’s summer. I see him at my favourite coffee shop. I see him in my favourite bookshop that I go to admire all the books I want. This isn’t me see a random guy and think his hot. I fell for his smile, he doesn’t care what others think of him. 

I live in a town where all the guys wear the same clothes and listens to rap songs that I think is offensive to girls so it’s rare to come across a guy who reads in public and doesn’t care who sees him. I fell for him because he is confident in himself. He reads in public, I know I said that but I read in public because it detracts me from reality and other people who care about their makeup and whether their top is in style. So to find him reading is a big deal for me. 

I really needed to say that. But as I said. He doesn’t know I’m here in the same town as him. So I guess I need to avoid the places where I might see him and forget that he is on the same planet as me. 

Although there’s this album from “front porch step” called aware and every song is so relatable to how I feel and I can’t forget these feelings that eat away at me every second of everyday… 

Kirsty X 


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