January blues 

  Also picture I toke of the floods in my local area. Another reason for January blues. January is my least favourite month because it puts everything in perspective. Did I achieve anything last year?  It makes you want to make changes: Go on a diet (lasts for a week)  Better job. But in reality nothing […]

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Guess who’s back 

Back back back in town , Kirsty’s back.  Hey to all, it’s a new year which usually means a new you when on reality there’s not even an amour of change.  But I decided to start blogging again because I think I want to be a writer when I’m older and I love to just […]

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Sorry but bye…. 

I know that not having a lot of views shouldn’t matter and I won’t be well known over night. But there’s just no one out there. I talking into air right now so I’m sorry but this will be my last blog post.  I tried again and again to keep with it. I even came […]

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What next !!! 

So last Sunday I wrote about the most personal thing ever. Buts there’s no point dowelling on the past.   It’s time to move and build a future of independence and reliability.  Your probably thinking “what are you even talking about”.  Well this past week I have been camping. My most favourite place to be. It’s […]

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A plan in development!!! 

Okay so I have a plan that will keep on track with this blog.  I’m going post a new post every Sunday and when I have time on Wednesday. But there will always be one on a Sunday.  I think I even know what I’m going to post this Sunday.  So check it out then. […]

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Sorry !!!

I can’t believe I haven’t posted a new post in like a month. I got super busy with work and just life in general I guess. You know how it is. When your head is all over the place and you just can’t remember things. That’s what happened. But im back now. I hope that […]

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Update; 6/7/15

Hey to all.. So I Haven’t posted anything in a while. sorry. I’ve been busy with work. Its very time consuming and tiring. I hope your still out there somewhere. I know o haven’t had any views in a week or so but Hi…. So its July now> You know what that means The weather […]

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Where are you?

So I got some recent viewers lately. I know it’s not that big od a deal but I don’t get many so it made me smile. But recently no one has been near my blog and it leaves me thinking where you all went. I know you all don’t wait staring at your computer screen waiting for […]

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What I’m Reading !!!

So since am obsessed with books and You would constantly find  me  in a corner reading. Well not a corner because that might look a bit creepy but just reading basically. At the moment  I’m reading three books. I find it hard to stick to one book because there’s too many good ones to read […]

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Tip the can !!!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Toy Story.” So i saw this daily post idea from “The Daily Post” and thought I’d let you know what my favourite toy story is. I live in a neighbourhood so I always had kids in my park that i grew up with had played with. I […]

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