Concerts 2016 

So I thought I’d let you know what bands or artists I’m gong to see this year. 

I don’t want to seem like I’m Bragging. My whole life is based on music and basically gets me through the day. 

I’m really into bands. (I know, typical) but it’s true. I love their energy on stage. 

Okay so I live in a area where no one ever comes which is so Annoying. I always check their tour dates but they never come to Northern Ireland. But some do so below are the bands I’m going to see.

  • All Time Low – February -support bands are Good Charlotte and Against The Current. 
  • 5sos – April 

I’m Also hoping to go to a local festival I went to last year and was amazing where I saw ATL, twenty one pilots. But tickets aren’t out yet. 

I’m really look forward to seeing all time low in February because it’s in Dublin and I’ve never been. It’s gonna be a day out. I’m even staying the night. It’s also my first time seeing Good Charlotte which I’m super excited for. 

Anyways, the only thing that gets me though the year are concerts and festivals. 

Kirsty xo  



January blues 

  Also picture I toke of the floods in my local area. Another reason for January blues.

January is my least favourite month because it puts everything in perspective. Did I achieve anything last year? 

It makes you want to make changes:

  • Go on a diet (lasts for a week) 
  • Better job.

But in reality nothing has changed and your just the same person as 2015 you. 
I have no job at the moment and it’s really getting to me. I keep looking but there’s nothing out there. I definitely have the January blues. 

Kirsty xo 

Guess who’s back 

Back back back in town , Kirsty’s back. 

Hey to all, it’s a new year which usually means a new you when on reality there’s not even an amour of change. 

But I decided to start blogging again because I think I want to be a writer when I’m older and I love to just write and express myself with words.

I know I never really got many viewers who saw my blog but I’m going to set a plan and I’m gonna stick with it . If I get any people here, great, but if not I won’t mind. 

I’ll leave you for now letting you know I’m back and hope to here from other bloggers. 

Kirsty out (for now) X 

Sorry but bye…. 

I know that not having a lot of views shouldn’t matter and I won’t be well known over night.

But there’s just no one out there. I talking into air right now so I’m sorry but this will be my last blog post. 

I tried again and again to keep with it. I even came up with a plan and a schedule. But it’s hard to write knowing that it’s empty. 

So I guess this is goodbye….

Kirsty out ….. X

What next !!! 

So last Sunday I wrote about the most personal thing ever. Buts there’s no point dowelling on the past.  

It’s time to move and build a future of independence and reliability. 
Your probably thinking “what are you even talking about”. 

Well this past week I have been camping. My most favourite place to be. It’s where you get away from technology and people who you probably don’t really want to prioritise but do. 
But being away from my phone got me thinking. Whether when September hits should I stay in my job that to be honest is dragging me down. 
Or should Move on. 
Gain more independence and even move out of my family home. 

Anyways I know no one has viewed my blog in a while so I’m kinda lost on what to write and what to do??? 
Thanks.. Kirsty X

My eating disorder!!!

okay so this literally the hardest thing I ever had to do but if I don’t say the truth then I can never truly commit to this blog. So here it is …. 

I was 3rd year at high school when it began. These voices in my head telling me that I was worthless and fat. 

I believed  this voice so I tried to control it by wanting to show it that I could be skinny. At the time I wasn’t even fat to say. But I thought I was.

I cut down on meals. At school I would hide away in the library instead of going to the canteen. I tried to get lost in books than to face my big problem.

Then one lunch time I was crying in the girls toliets when some girls in my class walked in and I just broke down. I told them everything.  About how I hated myself and how fat and horrible I felt. It was the worst time in my life. 

They promised not to tell any of our teachers cause I really didn’t want anyone to know. I wanted to curl up in a ball and hide away forever. 

But then teachers started to notice that I was skipping lunch and hid in the toliets at lunch. They told my mum. I denied it all and said anything they would be believe. 

I threw all my feelings to the back of my mind and try to ignore the fact that my mind didn’t belong to me. My body was shutting down. 

The less I ate the harder it got. I knew I was loosing weight and it made me proud. That I could take control of at least one thing in my life.  

My mum toke me to the doctors to get weighed. I was nearly a stone under weight. The doctor ask my mum to wait outside while she asked me some questions like…. 

Do you look at yourself in a negative way? Yes.

Do you think your fat? Yes. 

I just told her everything cause the pressure was getting to me and I couldn’t lie anymore. 

The doctor transferred me to a specialist who I then realised dealt with eating disorders. I never even thought I could have it. What I did normal to me. 

She asked me the same questions but with my mum in the room. I bottled it up and lied. When she asked if I thought I was fat. I said no when I clearly thought I was. She weighed me too and yes I was underweight. 

My family were constantly asking me if I had aten. Checking on me all the time. Whispering about me behind my back . It was the hardest time in my life. I have a diary tha is used back then and even still now where I write when it all comes flooding back. 

I lost my best friend to it. She wanted to help but I just pushed them out. 

I’m still not entirely over it. Whe they say that someone has a eating disorder never fully heals it’s true. 

I never got professional help. I guess you could call it an unofficial eating disorder but it was still there. 

If your reading then thanks for reading though it all. It was so hard to write. I literally have been writing it all day. 

And if you too have had some sort of eating problem then I may be able to help or just chat you know.  I don’t Want anybody to go through it alone cause I did and it’s awful so you can comment down below. 

Thank you so much … Kirsty … X 

A plan in development!!! 

Okay so I have a plan that will keep on track with this blog. 

I’m going post a new post every Sunday and when I have time on Wednesday. But there will always be one on a Sunday. 

I think I even know what I’m going to post this Sunday. 

So check it out then. I’m sure what time could be in the morning or night. 

Thanks … Kirsty