It’s me, Im here to stay!

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist- Oscar Wilde

Hey, to those who see my post…

I’ve been off this blog for almost a year and have been meaning to get back on the boat for about a month now. I decided to take the plunge and just write.

It’s is a passion of mine, writing seems to give me this warmth and belonging somehow. That’s why i love books. You hold this book in your hands that someone has put  their time and energy into a book for a stranger to read and enjoy. There’s something so unique about this.

Things that have changed.

Coffee > I am now a complete coffee lover. I’m currently on 3 cups a day going on 4. Lattees are my favourite. I have a cafetiere that brews the best coffee on earth.

College > I’m not in high school anymore (thank god)  I’m studying child-care at my local college which i love.

That’s all i have for now but i promise that i will write again very soon. If anyone sees this and enjoys my first post back , please leave a comment. If your a bookworm like me, lets talk about books.. (Michael Grant fan here).

Thanks for reading …. To be continued,.. x

|Little life update|

Hello hello, 

I thought I’d write a quick post to update you on my ever growing to do list, my revision attempt and my bad habit of the week. 

To do list: when does anyone not have a do to list. There’s always something at the back of your mimd that something has to get done. Whether it’s to study for school or simply do some laundry. 

My to do list usually goes like this/

  • Assignment to finish 
  • Wash pile of clothes on bedroom floor. 
  • Tidy messy room 
  • Or simple/ have shower 

There’s never a time when I’m supposed to do something yet end up watching a tv show( Game of thrones). 

Revision attempt (1) 

So I’m currently trying to revise for a maths exam next week. Which happens to be a repeat so fingers cross I pass this time. 

Also two science exams in June. But it’s hard to concentrate when I have work everyday and assignments to hand in. But it has to be done. I bought post it notes and hope that will influence me to begin. 

Bad habit of the week/ 

Do you ever find yourself so tired after a long day that you simply can’t be bothered to tidy anything. That is me every week, I end up with a massive pile of clothes on my ground, cups on desk that badly need washed and a desk bin full to its bream. 

I expect this habit won’t stop yet even after my confession. I’m a lazy person and I confess that I leave my laundry till Sunday and end up wearing pjs all day that day. But we all have flaws and should accept that nobody’s perfect. 

Thanks for reading my rant on my everyday life. Feel free to leave a comment on your worst habits. 

Kirsty X  

Books I’m in to 📚

So I know I haven’t posted in a while but let’s face it. Everyone is too busy with life to blog everyday unless it’s your job. 

I’m in full time college with a part time job while also repeating my science in a night class so it can be hectic, I have so many assignments to get done before June. 

But I didn’t start this blog post to complain about my to do list. I’m gonna distress by talking about my favourite books at the moment. There’s nothing I love more than talking about books. 

  1.  Milk and honey by Rupi Kaur,  

This book is quite well known. It is a Poem book about love and the breaking of love and also the healing of a broken love or Heart. Now I have never been in love or even felt love from anyone else so it’s abit of a blur to me on what love is. 

But this book describes it so beautifully and easy to follow. It realistic and heart warming. 

Here is my favourite poem from the collection. 

My tongue is sour

From the hunger of missing you… 

The second book I want to talk about is “reasons to stay alive” by Matt Haig. 

It Is book is a inspiring story on how the writer Matt got depression and struggled a lot that nearly destroyed him yet he beat it and had now written tips on how to beat your fears and live life to the fullest. 

He talks about how to do the little things when you are depressed such as getting out of bed or going to the shop. He says that when he is feeling anxious and what’d to avoid things, he forces himself to do them. To power through and not let the little worried control you. 

This book has helped me understand my anxiety and has taught me that it doesn’t control my life. I do. I have the power to say no to being afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone and taking those first steps help. 

Here is something he has said that has stuck to me. 

But as time grew on, I knew something hadn’t known earlier. I knew that down wasn’t the only direction. If you hung in there, if you stuck it out, then things got better. They get better and then they get worst and then they better. 

So there are two books that relax me from my busy lifestyle and give me something to think about rather than exams and work. 

Thanks for reading if u made it this far 

Kirsty x 

Sunday 5th March 2017

I didn’t get out of bed till 12 pm. Watching endless amount of episodes of “The Good Wife”. My favourite tv show at the moment. Lawyers that just want to do good but can’t help getting their messy life and relationships in the way. It addictive. 

When finally I get up, dressed, tidy the kitchen and put some laundry on. I decide that I need to get out of the house. I get my playlist ready. Trainers on and out the door  I went. Before I even walked half a mile, my mum and sister drive pass and stop. I can’t help ask for a lift back home. 

The whole family then decided to go for a walk in a local walk way. It’s such a nice place to walk, you walk on a narrow path way by a waterfall that creates a emwide river that flows past you all the way through the walk. It’s not the longest walks which is a bonus. Although it did start to pour down with rain but I do live in Ireland so it’s expected. 

So that was my Sunday, a simple one I enjoyed it. There was no stress like every should be. To prepare you for a calm week ahead. 

Hope you had a weekend and wish you a good week cause I know it can get tough but hold on, just 5 days…

Kirsty Xx 

Hello there , 

I’m so sorry, it’s been so long, I hate that I’m so unorganised. It’s hard to keep up with posts when I try to balance college, work and sleep. Let alone all my books I have to read. Like seriously, I have 10 unread books. I’m a book collecter for sure. 

I can’t believe it’s March already. It feel like January was last week.(if you get me). March is definitely one of favourite months of the year. The days are lighter, the weather is slowly getting warmer(I live in Ireland) so maybe not. 

February favourites 
Things that I enjoyed in February. Mostly book and food related. I not going to be one of those girls who have beauty favourites, not that there’s anything wrong with that. 

  • Coffee . To be precise mocha. There’s a coffee shop in my town that make the best mochas alive. 
  • Get your sh*t together by Sarah Knight.  I love this sorta self help book as I’ve been in abit of a runt. Which is why I haven’t been posting. But this book gives it to you straight on how to sort out your life and get organised. I love it . 
  • My fluffy pjs : this February has been quite cold and wet and when you’ve been at college and work all day. It’s nice to come home to my fluffy pjs which I have a lot of btw. 

Well, that’s not a lot of favourites but I usually have a routine that I keep to as I’m not a big fan of change but it was nice to kinda wrap up February and begin fresh in March. 
Which btw . I get to see my favourite band in the world in March, All Time Low. I’m so excited. Let me know if  any of you are fans and we can  fan girl over them. 

Down below are some photos I toke this month including some of my favourites. 

Thanks for reading, back soon./ hopefully…💫 

Wednesday 16th February 2017

This will be a day on the life blog post, where I’ll bring you along to where I’m going.. 

10:45am – when I finally  dicide to get up and dressed for the day, (it’s half term,no judge) 

Outfit of the day ; green hoodie , grey top and my fav high waisted jeans, plus my green coat and black hat and black high tops converse. 

11:10- I get to leave the house (yeah) I go to my granny’s with my sisters and her new adorable puppy,  literally the size of hand.

4:00- where I waste most of my time (work) 

7:00/ I finally make it home where I get into my pjs and make myself dinner (fish fingers) 

7:45/ I watched 3 episodes of the good wife because I am completely obsessed by it.

9:30/ by the time I Finnish Netflix, I brush my teeth because teeth  hygiene is important. Wash my face. 

10:30: I go to bed but don’t get off my phone till 12:00 (oops) 

There you have it, one day of mine that to be fair was an average day but it happened and here it is , 

Talk soon , X 

Gossip girl!

Yes. Thy gossip girl American tv series.

6 seasons of New York rich kids scheming consently. I have become obsessed with the show ever since I got the NETFLIX.

Netflix, a fast growing film and tv app where you go to watch one movie and end up watching 3 seasons of gossip girl (true story).

Anyways. I am on season 4 of gossip girl when I hear that Netflix is removing it in February which means I have 3 seasons to watch before then.

Challenge accepted

Kirsty xo